Multimedia Trivia Night

We have put together a professional fun and interactive quiz night to run on PowerPoint. The Multimedia package includes straight question and answer, as well as picture, audio and video trivia questions.

The package includes the following categories:

    • Round 1: General
    • Round 2: Geography
    • Round 3: Movies
    • Round 4: Sport
    • Round 5: Entertainment
    • Round 6: Name That Tune audio round
    • Who Am I Bonus Question


The Presentation:

The quiz contains a mixture of different topics and questions that should appeal to a broad audience. We have tried to make the most of the format by including visual questions, and questions that are 'fun'. To use the package you will need audio visual equipment to display the presentation from your laptop on a projector or onto multiple screens if you have a large quiz (150+ people).

Sample video question. The host plays the video and the teams must answer the question.

Each question and answer has it's own slide, so the host just has to run through the slides in order. For example, after the end of Round 1 questions the presentation will go through the answers before starting Round 2.

Hosted Multimedia Quiz Night:

We can host a MultiMedia Quiz for you. Our host will bring the presentation on their laptop and run the quiz. You will need to organise the venue with the audio/visual equipment (projector, speakers etc). Email or call or see our hosted page for information about our hosted quizzes.

Multimedia Questions Package: $100

Order the package online and we will send you an electronic copy of the presentation. You will receive these files:

  • Quiz Presentation (.pptx)
  • Quiz Answers (PDF)
  • Marking Sheet (Excel)
  • Answer Sheet (PDF)
  • Instructions (PDF)


We also include instructions with the presentation on how it all works. Other helpful files include an Excel Marking Sheet template so that you can add scores and also display on a screen as a ladderboard.

From which Ice Age movie is this?

Sample video question (though not edited)

Using a Mac?

We have had some issues getting the video files to work using a Mac. It still works but it just takes some extra steps, eg, you may need to manually insert the video files. Let us know if you're doing this and we can include these in your Dropbox.

Order the Package Online:

You can order the package online below. Please allow 2-5 days for delivery.

Multimedia Package Type:

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